A summary of Qingdao site optimization workers years of experience


first step: site layout adjustment, with more than

link system

fourth steps: setting the keywords, keyword sequence from high to low, the long tail on the main keywords, among the best to use, separate

the third step: check whether the home page picture or Flash greater than the text module, if you add some suggestions to the home page and the news system introduction of companies such as

No.The fifth step is to set the

first of all, this article from the Qingdao science and Technology Forum original original letter first, I am also without any exaggeration, wise remark of an experienced person, of course, if there is no accurate place please.

is very simple! code to delete spam

keyword density, this is very important, usually.

step second: check the friendship connection, delete right down and not outside the chain of the chain, if there is no need to add a

I am engaged in website optimization research and work of almost 6 years, although not very professional or very cow, but at least we can understand some optimization techniques. In this 6 years, encountered a variety of users, also encountered a variety of network companies. Said the first customer, the customer most of the first sentence is asked: how much is this sentence optimization? Ask too deep, simply let us do the optimization of people unable to answer, because the optimization is not selling vegetables, such as cabbage today is 1.5 pound, 2.5 pound of potatoes, orange 10 yuan 4 kg, can do ask the price quotation as optimization to buy food? I usually answer according to the key words and the difficulty of how to offer, see you do word hard, the price is your own master. Another customer love price, to see who’s who will use the low price, this is actually a very not the level of practice, or do you want to buy something, two in the swing, dish to see that good and bad, if almost all of course to see which can be cheaper to buy what. In the Internet world, this is not actually to do optimization, mainly to see the successful case, look at the price and I want to listen to the basic almost every company. Also encountered a typical customer, we offer is to ask why Zhengxin science and technology than the other expensive, in fact this is mainly because the optimization mode of us with other company is not the same, we spend more time, more stability, so it depends on how you should choose.

talk about some Internet companies met the situation, many customer response which company business with them on the optimization, said smallpox rotten with, what niubable, what technology means, to increase the number of the chain, the number of posts to help ensure the customer with ranking, it is really too much. But when we talk with customers, we simply tell his site is not good enough, the method we use, we can achieve the effect, has said, the customer said in detail, finally we sigh is honest in business, the original optimization is to rely on these up to do, so magical and not like some company say.

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