Analysis of love Shanghai to share code to search ranking impact

share: rapid increase in external links and search engine ranking.

er from Shanghai Longfeng view code share the use of words, the ultimate aim is to improve the user experience. Users love this page will share with their friends, so as to increase the chain to the site, then it will produce a series of indirect benefits flow increased, exposure rate is high, the search rankings etc.. Sharing behavior to increase the chain site is in line with the search engine on the page importance that "such as pointing to the same page links enough that this page is popular with users, is one of the most important pages", although the search engine will also consider the link quality and relevance, but to a large extent really friendly search engine. I believe that many owners in order to improve the user experience and to share code, rather than the use of shared code to do some manual operation of cheating. < >

: the use of network users to share websites of quality chain, increase social flow, bring more users.

first look at the more famous social sharing code provider bShare, screening and sharing is how to share code description.



as shown above, the famous social sharing to share the code provider code that is not unified.

The main


of course, from a business point of view, such as providing products, even that is the same, so there won’t be any competitive products, from the user’s point of view there is no selectivity. I do not know why, anyway, the share code provider is different.

This article first discussed


today, "embedded code share seems to have become popular, such as the use of the site, should not use the share code embedded in the web. Even the famous share button provider Bshare, plus network, share to the provider code sharing that is different. I really do not know the use of these code sharing is the webmaster to the purpose of use.

the widely used social sharing code, and share code compared to love Shanghai, love Shanghai about sharing code to sort search results impact.

Bshare share: along with the vigorous development of social media, social flow is gradually beyond Shanghai Longfeng flow, has become a major source of traffic to the site, the use of bShare can effectively improve the site traffic sharing.

share code above several styles. Button, icon, side column.

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