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1. set 404 page website

website there is a directory revision, but the name remains unchanged. I believe more and more such revision of the situation. For example, a catalog of our website, the path changed, before the www.fdy Shanghai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon dragon, and later changed to another directory to the www.fdy贵族宝贝/news/ of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, this time on the need to use the directory to jump 301. However, only 301 jump after the website damage reduces

have to say, love Shanghai more and more close to the people, before so many free tools to let the webmaster to use. Love Shanghai webmaster tools inside a website tools. After a 301 redirect on the website, the website of Shanghai love tools, to minimize the damage site.

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do a lot of Shanghai dragon may have experienced such a thing, the old station when the website, will be right down. Because, once the website, will be related to the site structure, site columns, style change. Once the web directory is changed, there will be a lot of page 404. This time a large number of links will cause the website website revision reduced, will also cause the site is down right. How to reduce the influence of the

3. tools to submit revision rules love Shanghai revision

is a website that I change the domain name, the domain name to replace all the old and new. This time can put a new station on the line, on the line after a period of time, the content of the website is included, this time can be 301 permanent redirect to the new domain name, so that the weight of the old domain to transfer to the new site, thus completing the revision of old and new domain name replacement.


what is the website page 404 page 404? Is the client when browsing the web, the server cannot normally provide information, or server is unable to respond, and don’t know why. 404 error information is usually in the target page is changed or removed, or enter the client page address error page. Set 404 page is the advantage of website will appear after the dead links, and 404 pages can make search engine as soon as possible to remove the dead link. 404 there is a benefit that can be in user experience to give users some help, after a collection of some users find your site web page, but the page you were removed, 404 can tell the user of this page is not present, can also guide the user to click on other pages. This is undoubtedly good for users. So when you site revised, must set up 404 pages, reducing the minimum damage site "".

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