Keywords sprint to the Google home experience

standard network, in 2010 June began operating on-line, we present in the search engine keyword reference is the "standard", today in the query keywords ranking site ranked in the first page, for the company’s staff is concerned, this is undoubtedly to us this time work for sure. Below I from a website promotion personnel perspective to share their experience and we summarize.

Our website:

this time the search engine algorithm in the constant adjustment, our website in Google ranking also finally referred to the home page, I hope all the webmaster can through their own.

then update website content every day, our website every day there will be a "standard" news release, here we will show the pseudo original. Two aspects must be paid attention to the pseudo original title and content. When the search engine grab news, Title is first seen, so if other websites and the similarity is too high, the search engine will think your article is reproduced, the weight will be given to reduce or not be included. The content is the same, that at the beginning and end of the events to add their own opinions, or the contents of the press in order to transform, so you can fool the search engine’s eyes, it will be very good included.

finally Google cares about evaluation of your website, so Links is particularly important. Of course, a new station in the early stage of the exchange of links is a difficult problem, buy some high quality links is also a good way to improve the weight, how to exchange links, specific methods can draw on previous article "I wrote the PR 0 site exchange Links".

first, talk about the chain. The chain is very important for a web site, beginning to take over the work, attention is paid to the number of the chain, so in a day in each big forum crazy posting replies, but this action does not bring much practical effect, even lead to the danger of K website. Seriously summarized in the wake of the failure from the chain included situation, many posts have not been included, in view of this phenomenon, we have also changed the promotion plan, pay more attention to the quality of posts. Adhere to the original article published in A5, the head of the forum every day, after the search engine has been included in the rest of the forum or blog reproduced, the chain number has not be underestimated. In addition, we promote the circle were also reduced, and we try to choose strong related forum posting. For example: love Shanghai Post Bar as love Shanghai for their own products, give weight is very high, as long as the release of success will be love Shanghai fast included, but obvious advertising stickers, it will not hesitate to delete you, so when the post to pay attention to skills, choose the corresponding Post Bar post, adding our own opinions and then joined the website related sites in the post, this post by chance on the great.

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