How to stabilize the search rankings and flow three times

yesterday and a website optimization company of friends with me, he had a lot of customer sites have been K off, I just laugh. A lot of serious thought Webmaster Station was K, you click on the software that rely on the position of K that you blame. Good today the words a little bit more, to share how to stabilize our rankings and flow:

two: determine a goal, to optimize the program for the center to carry out

: a stable state of mind is the root of all

Why is the

search three times? The author is three fans, Three Kingdoms have seen several times, now the search market is very close to the Three Kingdoms period, used to describe the instability is appropriate. Shanghai love like Cao Cao, a single large, most of the users search market share is established; Sogou III Wu Sun Quan, did not change radically but also independent lives of any party, not the real thing and Cao Cao grab, but always do not forget to take its place; 360 is later Shu Liu Bei, has been all the seemingly unremarkable, but always love Shanghai’s heart, is the rapid rise of a chance, let Cao Cao heart feel pain.

"attitude is everything" is applicable in the workplace a word, especially corporate executives and decision makers, which is crucial. A sentence is often heard in three, the general on the soldiers said: "we hold, not in disarray". This sentence I have to before the service of a boss said that when 6.28 events in our station has been implicated in some time, the boss is very anxious, I say love is Shanghai’s own problems, we have to do is keep on the line and optimization efforts. The facts prove that everything is back to normal after half a month. Therefore, as long as we do it, why should you be afraid of the shadow askew, unstable attitude is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners taboo, keep a common heart to do the ranking will be carried out smoothly.

us poor webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER, born in this search for three times, especially the recent fall in love with sea motionless adjusted between the opponent and users of wits. This morning to open the webmaster forum, see everyone in Shanghai said this day have pity on K out of the station, many are put out, also see some friends of the new haven’t included (New foyo web page author fortunately has been put forward, and the webmaster) keywords ranking is very unstable. So I want to write an article on the stability, ranking and traffic articles (although there have been many of my friends have written, but I have some different views).

open our reform along the way is not smooth, but as long as that is determined in accordance with the plan to carry out, will not deviate from the track. I often help some friends interview Shanghai dragon, will be referred to a problem is the production optimization scheme, have a comprehensive and correct optimization scheme is the key to guarantee security website ranking and flow. Many Shanghai Longfeng workers always go one step, anyway.

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