Positioning analysis of bedding store

shop first should be clear that the positioning problem. Many franchisees have not thought about this problem began to busy investment business, it is not wise. How to locate the bedding store? There are many new questions about this question, if you want to know, to learn quickly.

many bedding store customer positioning is not accurate. Fuzzy concept. Think that their product line should meet all consumers, this approach directly led to the failure of the terminal. Improved customer positioning. For different customer groups in order to have a different sales model. Only targeted customer positioning products and services in order to achieve profitability.

bedding stores in a clear customer needs, to be able to clearly provide customers with what kind of value. On this basis, in order to know how to meet the needs of customers, including what kind of products and services, how to store location, how to create a store environment, what kind of marketing strategy, etc..

customer orientation is the foundation store profit model. In other words, we must first clear the agent who is the customer, they have what kind of characteristics, what kind of consumer attitudes, consumer habits, what kind of unique needs, etc.. In the one or two and three or four markets, different site selection methods should be used. Even in the same market, the business district and residential areas of the site conditions and standards are not the same.

bedding store positioning is very important. Only to find a suitable location, can smoothly carry out the business, if you are interested in this problem, can learn about, hope can help you find their investment direction, the smooth development of business.

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