Wang will be a dumpling shop for women only

human wisdom is really amazing, what all sorts of strange things have the idea, but you don’t know. China entrepreneurial big coffee are the key to success step is to come up with other people can not think of things, but there is one idea, is to use their own ability to present with the public. Catering industry is also the ability to innovate. The following small series to be introduced is a major food and beverage companies should learn from the legendary brand catering.

Japan King food service company stores "king of dumplings (dumplings of King)" in Kyoto and opened its first female team leaders, for female customers a new concept store "GYOZA OHSHO bird Oike shop". The store was officially opened in March 3rd.

this popular Japanese Chinese restaurant has been very popular with the people, but according to store statistics, the proportion of male and female customers is about 8:2, the number of female customers rarely. This is to attract 20 to 39 year old female customers, the king will be employed to exhaust all the skills "given a change, from outside to inside.".

Compared with the traditional style of decoration and

before the chain store, the store to go from a stylish coffee shop style, considering the future international market, with "leisure" as the main idea, the design of female designers.

shop outside the set of wooden feet high sense of the table, the interior decoration is also a lot of wood. The shop front made "typhoon", to create an open space, with the other half box, to provide a relaxed and quiet space for customers, but also lively and comfortable, clean, try to bring warmth to female customers.

in the kitchen equipment, the use of a new "dry kitchen", so that the water does not flow to the floor to ensure the design of kitchen hygiene. Open terrace with a dining area, a comprehensive consideration of female customers dining experience.


store also invited women food researcher develop various new health dishes, General Wang will store mainly fried dumplings, Hand-Pulled Noodle, Eight Delicacies Rice, but the launch of the new menu are almost all female customers love the taste. Such as pork, steamed vegetables and cheese cake shaped jade son burning, sour cream soaked dumplings and other low calorie restricted collocation dishes, Almond Jelly, Wine and cocktails, the species is still abundant.

this is just the beginning, the king will intend to gradually this kind of new chain stores all over Japan, if possible again to enter the overseas market.

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