Venture capital companies most want to answer 65 questions you know

the development of enterprises or individual entrepreneurs want to get the favor of venture capital companies, we must first understand the answer to the venture capital companies eager to answer 65 questions. For the problem of venture capitalists, if you can not provide comprehensive and reasonable answers, the company will greatly reduce the probability of investment. Here are some of the key questions that entrepreneurs have to answer or may be asked when they are selling,


company profile

to sell to investors in the process of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists first hope what entrepreneurs do in the company overview concise and to the point, it is what attracted the interest of investors, and why it can ultimately bring huge opportunities to exit. Therefore, this topic may cover the following questions:

What is

space on the market

What is the potential target market

you plan to get much market share in how long?

you how to reach the industry scale and sales growth rate?


Who is

why the team have the unique ability to execute the company’s business plan?


products and services

entrepreneurs must be clear about the company’s products or services, its content and unique, recommend

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