You should understand the entrepreneurial enterprise and its development process

rapid development of start-up companies, usually a few years time, from the rapid expansion of 35 people for dozens, hundreds or even larger team. During the project and try to choose, with one of my colleagues a joke to describe quite good,   "like UFO, do not know what time, do not know what time to go". This is the normal growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, but also requires R & D team has the ability to be flexible, rapid strain.

CEO, in particular, the non technical origin of CEO, often hope that the technical team perfect. There is no "impossible" in the dictionary of an excellent technical team. However, even small problems require time and effort, and even creativity.

CTO to make the technical team understand that the company is not ask you to engage in pure technology development, people can be pure technology oriented, but the whole team’s goal is to achieve a certain characteristics of the products with technical ability, create value for users and customers. The limit of  

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