What are the principles to be followed in the training school

as a result of the Chinese people’s emphasis on education, so that training schools in China’s education market is very hot. However, the general location of the training school is located in the periphery of each school only, whether to choose the business address is completely unknown. In fact, if you want to train the correct location of the school, there are related principles can refer to. So, the training of the school site to follow what principles?

training school site selection is the most important, in the site, we need to follow the following principles:

1, must be in accordance with the plan to choose more than 3 locations, as an alternative.

2, training school of the selected address must be installed in the outdoor advertising outside the building, confirm with the owners at the time of the lease, and the requirements in the lease contract clearly outdoor advertising on the size, location, lease time and if you can bring light.

3, the selection of training schools must be independent space. Independent standard space is closed front door, the center is in a closed space, which no other institution exists.

After the renovation, the

4 layer is not less than 2.3 meters.

5 training school, selected internal structure to "square" (where the floor for design of space interception, use), the internal floor for supporting bearing columns used to "small", the lateral spacing between the column and the column must be more than 4.5 meters (to avoid the classroom in the column may).


6, the training school shall not have alternative locations (such as entertainment, dance halls, massage, foot, etc.) and the teaching environment may not be subjected to external noise interference.

7, the owner or the property must have a real estate business license, lease permits, fire permits, etc..

8, from the optional location of the training school to walk, to ensure that within 10 minutes to reach the bus station.

9, requirements for decoration, fire protection must meet the requirements for completion: training school is the object of the fire department strict examination, examination of the fire if not by going to a very high cost, and housing renovation will adjust the layout and cut off and the spray head position adjustment of the housing, so please be sure to request the industry has the ability to solve this problem.

10 training school, alternative address can carry at least 80 kilowatts of electricity load, power supply should be considered substandard: such as power supply voltage is not stable, does not meet the time (especially in the summer peak), power load, does not provide a standard price place of central air conditioning.


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