Quasi stewardess venture to sell apple to sexy stewardess kissed apple as a gimmick

Chinese society has always stressed the need to use creativity to entrepreneurship, show each entrepreneurial project is not the same personality characteristics. Recently, a group of flight attendants to open a shop, selling sexy stewardess kissed apple, causing public opinion hot, questioned vulgar propaganda.

yesterday, entitled "500 sexy airline stewardess open shop selling kiss apple" news by users of discussion. "Apple has been kissed by the flight attendants," let the entrepreneurial stewardess fire, but there are a lot of people think this way too vulgar. In the face of the negative comments, "said lead business online scolded very grievance, entrepreneurship is not easy."

500 flight attendants collective kiss apple in the end is how one thing? To this end, the reporter contacted the airline stewardess to sell apple, "we are Sichuan Southwest Student of Career Academy, now is the era of public business, always want to try to start, just come to the Christmas Eve market needs a large number of apple, so we set up a team to buy apple.

"mobile Internet era, if you want to succeed in business, it must have a clever mind. Stewardess is a symbol of beauty and elegance, a lot of people will imagine the presence of a beautiful image of the stewardess, we sell the apple is to attract more users to buy." One of the students who have been interviewed on the Southern Airlines stewardess said.

"" innovation "has always been the focus of concern, we encourage students’ innovation and entrepreneurship", and give them the best support, "Sichuan southwest Career Academy said a teacher.

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