Operating hot pot chain four promotional programs recommended

is now in the food industry as a whole, Hot pot is a very important delicacy, at the same time, the domestic market now, there are many different Hot pot shop, for the majority of operators, to the successful operation of Hot pot shop, you should know how to promotion.

Price promotion, a

two, Hot pot chain store coupons. Under what circumstances is it appropriate to send a coupon when the store turnover is declining?. Meet the competitor’s low-cost attack, in order to keep the old customers, you can send coupons. Brand Hot pot shop just opened, in order to expand its influence, can be issued coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers.

three, Hot pot store gift promotion. Gift gift shop Hot pot also has targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. A gift is not only to establish brand awareness, but also consider enhance brand reputation, with its own brand image tightly.

four, Hot pot store service promotion. Hot pot restaurant service is critical. Therefore, the service good, the Hot pot shop business relationship! When the holidays can also send cards to members, and with some coupons.

In fact, many operators for


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