Vigorously promote new energy vehicles Fujian fast charging stations began to spread

environmental pollution caused great damage to our living environment, also cause subtle damage to our health, in order to build a healthy green home, to promote the use of new energy vehicles become inevitable. Recently, the Fujian provincial government issued the implementation of Fujian province "," 13th Five-Year "energy development planning", in order to meet the 2020 promotion of more than 100 thousand new energy vehicles demand in Fujian province within 5 years of planning and construction of nearly 200 intercity fast charge station, comprehensive coverage of Fujian highway service area branch, stem loop region.

planning pointed out that, for the comprehensive promotion of supporting electric bus, rental, logistics and other sanitation special vehicles, special vehicles will be the construction of centralized charging around 150 seats for power plants and about 4500 distributed DC pile, in the layout of the city and County District building 42 ~55 city public charging stations, guide and promote community, business and social parking places with the construction of 90 thousand ~12 000 charging pile. By 2020, the basic construction of a moderately advanced, pile driving, intelligent and efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure system.

In addition to the number of

has large coal power and cogeneration projects, new coal power project construction in Fujian province is no longer in principle; flood control, water supply, irrigation by both water resource development projects for power generation, in principle, no new hydropower, small hydropower has great influence on regional ecology, to implement an orderly shut down exit principle; no new coal mine project, the compression capacity of more than 6 million tons; heating in the industrial park, in principle no longer owned power plant construction.

to promote new energy vehicles, Fujian fast charging stations began to spread in the future city, serious environmental pollution will be further controlled, not only for city residents, or for the development of the city, is a very good thing. Planning involving Fuzhou projects include: Construction of the northern Fuzhou Sanyang – 500 thousand volt lines, further demonstration of the Fuzhou – Xiamen UHV power transmission project construction; with the South Power Grid in Luoyuan Bay thermal power and other needs, supporting the construction of power – Lianjiang Luoyuan Bay south of the corresponding power transmission project construction in Changle; 500 thousand volt substation; Fuzhou support center optimization of urban development areas to achieve the target of carbon emissions to peak, near zero carbon emission area demonstration project.

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