Open an organic food store.

is now in the social life, people often pay more attention to some of the health and health care, at the same time, for some health care products and food is more popular, organic food is very popular in the present, organic food stores, good prospects.

positioning your consumer groups:

scarce resource products, consumer groups generally enjoy the characteristics of conspicuous consumption. As the organic food has a certain scarcity of products, and can fully meet the needs of these populations, in order to determine the target accurately, have hit at the nub of consumer groups, and determines a series of marketing measures of organic food enterprises. Therefore, the consumer groups locked in with these characteristics of the crowd, will be the result of things, especially now the consumer centric marketing behavior of enterprises established, find the target population, the solution of other problems more easily.

clear product selling point:

The value and property of

a simple organic food concept does not support products, their products must be with the origin, properties, characteristics, culture, planting method, edible way of mining, the formation of the concept, to has the characteristics of vivid, specific and direct, in order to facilitate consumer awareness.

With the popularity of

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