South Korea beauty named 90 juice name to create new styles of drama

Chinese for many female compatriots, watching Korean has become a kind of spiritual food, at the same time, due to South Korea and Chinese similar culture, so the drama in the Chinese market has been very popular, of course, in the drama also caused a lot of business opportunities.

delicate makeup, shoulder hair, and dress…… If it doesn’t sound like a bit of a bad Mandarin, it’s hard to see the sweet fruit shop owner is a Korean girl.

years ago an occasional trip to Chengdu, just graduated from the Korea University Zheng Rong praise decides to leave entrepreneurship. Today, although only opened a year and a half, which is located in Chengdu, Chunxi Road, a high-end shopping malls in the juice shop monthly turnover has exceeded 200 thousand yuan, Zheng Zanmei is Chengdu people affectionately called the juice beauty".

"secret garden", "Kim Sam-soon", the "successor", "stars you"…… The reporter saw, Zheng praise juice shop in juice mostly in Korean name, such as "secret garden" from pitaya, kiwi, pineapple and collocation of three kinds of fruit. "Chinese is also interested in our culture, the drama ‘fire’ in a complete mess here." Zheng Zanmei said, "you come from the stars" last year in China hit, to store customer juice are preferred "star you".

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