Xiangpiaopiao roots started taking students as the tipping point to write the myth of wealth

each brand growth, the need for market recognition and consumer recognition, which requires a process. Eight years, grassroots, rely on its own funds rolling, 2006 sales of 480 million yuan, nearly 1 billion yuan in 2008, 2012 exceeded 2 billion 400 million yuan, this is Jiang Jianqi’s amazing performance made xiangpiaopiao. So, what is the doorway Jiang?

2003 was born on a whim, a confused Jiang Jianqi and vice president Cai Jianfeng felt that the old stubborn childhood anxiety: Sales of tens of millions of dollars, but obviously met can not break through the ceiling: the main product is a typical light ice stick to in the winter season, then falling rapidly, and it may be a transitional product.

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