The successful operation of a strategy of fishing gear shop

now choose to set up shop countless investors, if you want to open a shop to succeed, naturally we need to master the relevant strategies, so as to enable the business to achieve greater success. And if the fishing gear shop, operating above is also tactful.

The rise of the emerging

community sport fishing in young households, a higher level and a certain scale fishing shop became the dream of many investment wealth boss.

fishing shop profit rate reached 40%

in September this year has just opened shop in tianhebei boss called Wang Yongsheng is a model of successful transition, he had to open the traditional fishing shop in Yuexiu District near Beijing Road, has three years of experience in the operation of the industry. He said: his fishing shop opened the most concentrated in Guangzhou city of supply in the market, not only sell fishing equipment, even the fish, fish food, fish are sold, the house all day get wet, very dirty, and face the competition of 11 shops next door neighbours, often feel a lot of pressure, hang by a thread and the profit rate is only about 20%.

later his daughter on the site to see a Japanese fishing shop in the Southern China region Chengzhao agents, he telephoned to consult, did not think the other conditions are very favorable, not only do not charge any fees, but also provide a lot of free publicity materials, fishing rod prices also as he imagined expensive, more than 80% single product the purchase price is between 500 yuan ~1200 yuan, can be customer acceptance. Although the other side allows agents in the appropriate range can also be agents of other brands, but the requirements of the store decoration and location must meet the "international standards" and "headquarters requirements".

so the king boss thought that most customers buy Fishing gear are for leisure fishing, why do I have to neighbors to store up like a vegetable market, as well as their requirements, to the "noble community", good decoration, not only improves the taste, but also avoid the regional competition.


we now see the king boss is really the glass mosaic floors, doors and windows, according to the product price, wooden shelves neatly arranged in Japan, Hongkong, Guangzhou China various brands of fishing rods, shelves stocked with fish under the barrel, new line, backpack, look quite taste.


is opened in the fall, but because Guangzhou weather is cool too slow, or a lot of customers, boss Wang now profit rate can reach about 40%, is 2 times the original, opened less than three months, payments have been flat; and only the sale of fishing and related products, daily work is not the same hard.

good place group effect

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