Open sugar free food store to make a lot of money

is for the sake of physical considerations, or in order to maintain a figure, or is not like, in short, sugar free food in the current market has a very high popularity. Sugar free food, have you heard of it? If you haven’t heard of this, you can see that there is still a lot of business opportunities in your local food store. Through the rational allocation of sugar free food, in the healthy snacks to give you a good pass, through the opening of sugar free food store can also be very profitable.

with the improvement of health awareness, many consumers in the purchase of food are very aware of the purchase of food containing sugar ingredients are too high, specializing in a variety of sugar free food store money is good.

recently saw a sugar free food store, store a wide variety of sugar free foods, small food, alternative sugar, beverages, cakes, imported food, etc.. Owner Lee told reporters that the main customers of sugar free food store is diabetes, obese children, for beauty and dieting or do not like sweets is also a regular shop.

it is understood that the diabetic patients appear larger and younger trend, and with the popularity of the concept of downsizing, as well as the needs of children against tooth decay, sugar free food and low sugar food market demand will be more and more.

sugar free food store investment can be small, a small investment of about 30 thousand yuan, of which the first purchase of $10 thousand to $20 thousand, the facade rent between 1000-1500 per month, the clerk salary of 800-1000 yuan per person per month. Renovation costs about 5000 yuan. In site selection, sugar free food in general can choose to close parks, hospitals and other places with convenient transportation. In the early stages of the business should not be directly opened in the bustling commercial street, because such a shop is mainly doing repeat business.

sugar free food store business is the key to retain old customers. For patients with diabetes, health records can be set up to track services, conditional delivery is best. Sugar free food store for service requirements are very high, if the staff do not understand the knowledge of diabetes, it is difficult to obtain customer trust. In addition, should be more cooperation with medical institutions, through lectures, counseling and other ways to organize a number of appropriate promotional activities to increase communication with customers, such as providing blood sugar, blood viscosity, blood pressure and other free services.

also, if offering sugar free food, here are a few tips: the increase of the patients, the popularity of the concept of downsizing, provides opportunities for sugar free foods; sugar free food investment can be small, small 30 thousand yuan; sales depend on the back, it does not have to be in the bustling Commercial Street, optional in the park, next to the hospital; sales personnel must have the knowledge of diabetes and weight loss; should establish customer service files, how to engage in promotional activities.

despite the fact that people are well off now,

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