Zhejiang University will be at the end of March the general construction of the College of business

China’s university education has been biased in favor of the theory and pay little attention to practice, leading to college students in the community to go through a period of running in. In response to the call of the Ministry of education, colleges and universities around the country will gradually promote the education of innovation and entrepreneurship, training in line with the needs of the entrepreneurial talent.

It is reported that Zhejiang will select the

, some colleges and universities to carry out the special "3+1" and "2+1", Graduate Entrepreneurship Education Master’s fusion of different types of entrepreneurship education mode reform. By 2020, the system of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities to establish and perfect the innovation of classroom teaching, autonomous learning, training, guidance, culture integration, the emergence of a group of College Students’ entrepreneurship students and entrepreneurial enterprises.

5000 to 2020, the province for the cultivation of entrepreneurial mentor, twinning guide 20 thousand business students.

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