The construction of different style of work in the province to monitor the effectiveness of cross in

Republican County Organization Department in violation of the provisions of the standard payment of holiday duty……"

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the north of the Tibetan township to exist in the name of working overtime and other illegal public funds, subsidies……"

"individual official West District Xining City Bureau of justice without reason, letters and reception reception list, the reception phenomenon exists to provide cigarettes……"

this is the background of the continuous deepening of the style construction, according to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection arrangements in the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Xining city and cross check problems were found Golog Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.

The Commission six plenary

stressed that "we should not only use the iron discipline regulation on various surfaces of misconduct against the wind, but also to open at the ‘seventy-two piercing eye, unwholesome tendencies", also want to put them out, how much is the number of."

conscientiously implement the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee called, continued in-depth grasp of the daily supervision and inspection at the same time, on the "four winds problem to carry out remote cross examination, transfer to grass-roots pressure forced the party and government at all levels should take full responsibility strictly, has been recognized by the cadres and the masses.

2015 years, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has led the 8 cities and counties to carry out the 18 cross examination, found that the problem of the 134. In 2016 alone, 5 people given party discipline 14 people, admonishing conversation, 24 departments or units responsible person to be interviewed, and were informed of the exposure of 8 batches. According to incomplete statistics, through different cross check problems found clues to the problem of party politics accounted for clues to the 53% air style construction, seize the important time node to carry out remote cross examination has become a powerful starting point of the province is the wind Su ji.

get rid of discipline predicament, make supervision more effective and deterrent effect

"here is a typical social acquaintance with much land and few people, the supervisor and the supervisee, not bow to see the rise, sometimes even under one roof, is often not the end of each inspection, the inspected units have acquaintances to intercede, put pressure on the real thing, head of supervision is difficult indeed." A grassroots discipline inspection cadres reflect.

"acquaintance society, human fear, means a single, not supervision, accountability soft", which is the current grassroots discipline inspection organs are facing difficulties and problems. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection while exploring the practice, to take place between the 8 cities and counties to carry out off-site cross examination approach, effectively eliminate the acquaintance of embarrassment, breaking the geographical barriers to crack the grassroots level to investigate and deal with the problem of asking questions.

in different cross check build this platform, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will focus on the combination of theory and practice, the supervision to go straight to the problem, through standardized inspection procedures, focused, strict policy boundaries, strengthen the results of the use of the discipline of business guidance and training into actual combat training, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection party political oversight of cadres participate in the process of demonstration and explanation, the grassroots discipline inspection cadres business ability has been improved rapidly. Cities and states are also within the corresponding cross regional organizations, through different levels,;

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