Xining, efforts to create summer food brand

at the beginning of the summer, Xining Bao Zi Zhen Jin Jia Wan vegetable planting base, dozens of greenhouses arranged in front of the village. Greenhouses planted strawberries, rape, mushrooms, etc.. In the north of the city of vegetable and fruit planting base, inspection and packaging workshop workers are packing vegetables. After the inspection of these vegetables, packaging will be sent directly to the city’s supermarket sales. Hui Tian vegetable and fruit cultivation base is the province’s first agricultural super docking production base, the annual production of more than 1 thousand and 300 tons of vegetables, the average daily supply to the Hakka and other supermarkets supply more than 7000 kilograms of vegetables, very popular with consumers.

to accelerate agricultural development, improve the level of material and equipment of modern agriculture, to further promote the vegetable industry, to ensure market supply, from the beginning of 2010, the Xining municipal government to increase investment, high standard, large-scale construction of the greenhouse. As of now, the city has built all kinds of greenhouses 56 thousand, the winter greenhouse 11 thousand and 500, concentrated more than 8 thousand buildings, 500 buildings more than 12 buildings more than 43 hundred. The total area of vegetables is 21% of the total area of vegetable production, which accounts for about 30% of the total output, and the output value is up to 36% of the total output value. Facility agriculture has become an important industry in Xining, and has become an important channel for farmers to increase income. Xining has become the province’s modern agricultural development demonstration zone. At the same time, to strengthen the implementation of standard vegetable base, park construction, in 2012 the implementation of the construction of 17 standard garden vegetables, of which 10 municipal 10 thousand acres, 4460 acres of land at the provincial level 7, 12 to 13200 acres, 1260 acres of facilities.

in order to build the brand of Xining summer food, improve the level and quality of summer dishes in the plateau, the Xining municipal financial arrangements for 2 million yuan of special funds, in the construction of the county and the north of the city of the 10 acres of open standard garden vegetables, 10 thousand. The completion of the standard garden, accelerate the demonstration and promotion of new varieties. In order to optimize the structure of varieties, but also from Beijing and Shandong, the introduction of new varieties of 8 major categories of more than and 30 varieties, promote Xining vegetable varieties to diversification, optimization, brand development, optimize breed structure, light to fill a vacancy.

is the application of new technology, improve product quality, constantly sum up all over the city in the local farmers experience, and learn from foreign advanced technology, independent innovation, research and development of new technologies, such as the 2011 Datong County Guoliang vegetable technology promotion center and Datong vegetable professional cooperatives, successfully developed a carrot double fertilization ridging laminating machine, and in April 2012 received a patent for utility model patent issued by the state council. The application of this technology can not only save costs, reduce labor intensity, but also shorten the time of land operation, reduce soil water evaporation, soil moisture protection. Xining agriculture and animal husbandry bureau is also actively 500 thousand yuan of funds for the project demonstration of straw bio reactor technology, in the country to actively promote the fertilization, yellow trap, frequency trembler lamp, solar lamp, light trap, insect nets, greenhouse warming, application of organic fertilizer, fertilization, pest rule technology anti system implementation;

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