Photovoltaic industry into the Silk Road Economic Zone with new energy clusters

In order to build Qinghai photovoltaic industry into a new energy industry cluster of Silk Road Economic Belt, enhance the economic development vitality and competitiveness, relying on abundant solar energy resources, the province has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of photovoltaic PV industry, installed capacity ranked the top row, fast becoming the photovoltaic industry characteristics and advantages of the industry. Photovoltaic industry in September 16th held a special docking meeting, a number of photovoltaic enterprises signed a cooperation agreement for the province’s photovoltaic industry into the Silk Road Economic Zone Industrial Clusters laid the foundation. In recent years, the province to give full play to the advantages of solar energy resources and land resources, the photovoltaic industry in the strategic emerging industries in the first place, and actively cultivate photovoltaic applications market. In order to build Qinghai photovoltaic industry into a new energy industry cluster of Silk Road Economic Belt, our province in accordance with the overall plan of national "reasonable layout, the nearest access and orderly, based on centralized grid connected photovoltaic power generation applications market in the consolidation of Hainan, Haibei Haixi, and other places, to the grid conditions, consumptive ability the eastern region layout, expand the space for development. At present, our province photovoltaic power plant in Hainan, Haidong area key, Haixi, distributed power station focus in Xining, Haidong, Golmud, Hainan and other places, in the thermal power generation and Hainan, in the areas along the Yellow River, around large and medium-sized hydropower stations, and actively promote the Shuiguang complementary power station. It is expected that in 2015, our province has concentrated power generation capacity reached 5 million kilowatts, distributed 240 thousand kilowatts, 200 thousand kilowatts of thermal power generation; polysilicon production capacity reached 15000 tons, 6000 tons of polycrystalline ingot, slicing capacity, battery and components reached 1 million kilowatts, 200 thousand kilowatts of high concentrating photovoltaic cell module, inverter controller, glass, and aluminum the frame and the bracket supporting facilities such as manufacturing capacity reached 1 million kilowatts. In order to create the characteristics and advantages of the industry, this year our province will continue to accelerate the development of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area industrial park, the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower peaking play advantage, good Shuiguang complementary planning, expand the scale of photovoltaic capacity. According to the State Council for the promotion of Tibetan development, the building of the Silk Road Economic Belt and promoting the construction of ecological civilization, accelerate the Qinghai clean green energy transport channel is transported to the central, East and other places through UHV power, to achieve mutual benefit and common development.  

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