National Archives inspection team to inspect the safety of Xining archives custody

days ago, the National Archives inspectorate to Xining city inspectors work. Municipal Committee, Secretary General Su Rong and the Provincial Bureau responsible comrades accompanied inspectors.

National Archives Inspectorate group of three people listened to the work of the city file security custody report, and to the Municipal Archives and the North City District Archives (Museum) conducted a field observation. The State Archives Bureau of the city of the archives of the safe custody, confidentiality, utilization and the use of historical archives to give full affirmation. And pointed out that the archives safety is the fundamental of archival work, to strengthen leadership, improve the system, strengthen management, keep good records, pay attention to the confidentiality of key files on the daily management of the use, from every aspect of the working mechanism of strict checks to ensure archives safety prevent trouble before it happens. At the same time, it is necessary to take various forms, do everything possible to provide services to meet the needs of all sectors of the community on the file information, so that the dead file into live data, ideas, through the use of the value of the file.


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