A number of new policies to promote the citizenization of migrant workers

In order to allow migrant workers from all the work, life, culture and other aspects to better integrate into the city, to solve the employment stability of migrant workers facing the poor, rights difficult problems, recently, the office of the provincial government issued "on the strengthening of the work of migrant workers under the new situation of the new opinion", the proposed policy measures from 7 aspects.

pointed out that the "opinions" in the future, migrant workers can enjoy subsidies for training and skill appraisal subsidies in the domicile or employment; enterprise production and management difficulties up to 10% of the total number of employees and recruit migrant workers to participate in the unemployment insurance, can organize workers to carry out skills upgrading, transfer, production safety and other aspects of the training, the funds required by the unemployment insurance fund subsidies. Migrant workers amount of small loans increased from 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, the loan period is 2 years, and engaged in low profit projects to full discount. At the same time, clearly put forward the government investment projects to absorb the province’s labor force is generally not less than 50% of the proportion of the requirements, priority recruiting local labor employment. In order to help the disadvantaged groups in employment, our province will achieve the transfer of employment of disadvantaged groups and working period was more than 6 months, per person per year to give a one-time transportation subsidies (including foreign employment 600 yuan, 200 yuan across the province and city employment); for the groups first venture issued a business license and the normal operation of the given. A one-time business of 5000 yuan reward (and at the same time enjoy the policy can not be the source region of Sanjiang).

at the same time, in order to promote the citizenization of migrant workers, the province will be a stable legal residence, legitimate and stable occupation as the basic conditions settled, let the small city limit on migration, solve the problem settled in the town of migrant workers living; the full implementation of the residence permit system, to provide effective services for temporarily with the settled conditions of the floating population in the local study and work and gradually the life, social security and basic public services and Hukou decoupling, the urban residents and migrant workers employment to enjoy the same treatment. All localities should be included in the housing problem of migrant workers housing construction planning, will meet the conditions of migrant workers into the scope of public rental housing supply. Migrant workers Suiqian children will all be included in the input to the education development plan, the realization of migrant workers in the basic input of full-time public elementary and secondary schools equal access to compulsory education.


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