Comrade Yin Lei advanced deeds will be held yesterday

8 3 morning, organized by the provincial Party committee of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, the Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. hosted the first meeting of Comrade Yin Lei deeds report held in Xining. The provincial SASAC Party committee, the provincial SASAC discipline leaders and the Western Mining Group Company in Xining, Party members, leading cadres above the middle, western mining area of Xining Party leadership, Party member enterprises on behalf of hundreds of people to listen to the report.

"Daddy, I want you to hold my hand and walk with me……" One of the members of the report group, Yin Lei’s daughter, told the presence of deep feelings of the audience listening to worry, tears in the eyes of Yin Muzi. The same as mine, the same parents, children, they do not know how to give up and helpless. Yin Lei and his colleagues, friends and family members about the report, let everyone know this from many angles to adhere to 30 years in the Highlands, dedication in the struggle trajectory and life history of mine base of the Communist Party, he felt a wonderful and different life.

1 hours and 40 minutes of the report will pass quickly. On the platform, the members of the press corps choked several times; in the audience, sobbing. Behind the tears, is everyone’s memory and admiration for Comrade Yin Lei, is the cohesion of the faith and strength in the heart.

over the past few days, in the Qinghai daily published Comrade Yin Lei’s advanced deeds, the story of Yin Lei in the circle of friends and the rapid spread of WeChat. Western Mining Group Co., Ltd. after the public micro signal reproduced the relevant content, many users in the post message points praise.

"the first heart does not forget, Yin Lei unforgettable" Yin secretary, we pay tribute to you, you are a model for all of us to learn!" A netizen named "serenity" also shares other stories about Yin Lei: "in March 2005, in the Journal of his work in, he wrote," let us all obey the rules! I have observed camels, camels are walking into the team, the camel emphasis on unity and cooperation, unlike sheep and horses, East West a. The enterprise is a group that needs to be in a high level, and a team spirit is needed Over the past 11 years, this sentence has profound implications for our current reality. Do a good job, do a strong enterprise, need dedication, team spirit. Do not forget the beginning of the heart, adhere to the belief in life, is the spirit of the west, but also the spirit of Qinghai heights."


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