Micro friends lively party secretary Wang Xiao speech

It turned out that the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Xiao at the thirteen plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the twelve plenary session, has aroused great interest and concern of the majority of cadres and the masses. Many cadres and the masses, said Wang Xiao, Secretary of the speech, we are full of vision for the future of Xining, Xining has more sense of identity, sense of pride, sense of belonging.

is to achieve a "lead" to promote the "two upgrade", the construction of "three bases", to create "a city window", become "five vanguard", open the "happy Xining" construction of a new journey.

"a first", which is the first in the province to the comprehensive construction of a well-off society;

"two upgrade", namely to promote industry and city transformation and upgrading;

"three bases", namely the construction of development of circular economy in the province’s first district ecological civilization, the first area and create national unity and progress advanced area demonstration base;

"a city window", namely to create a display of Qinghai highland spirit connotation of city window;

"five vanguard", is striving to promote green development, promote innovation, deepen reform and opening up and improve public services, strengthen the vanguard of the construction of rule of law.

"planning proposal" is Xining in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, mastery, practical results. "Planning proposal" is permeated with the development of the concept of innovation and coordination of green open sharing, full implementation of the Secretary Luo Huining put forward "development to make contribution, the reform to go in front, the stability of support" essential requirements. Put forward the overall implementation of the provincial "131" overall requirements, to achieve the overall goal of 12315.

the cadres and the masses, and pay special attention to loud applause chorus is: "planning proposal" to strengthen the sharing of ideas, efforts to improve the living standards of the people in front of the front, fully implement the people-centered thought, reflects the improvement for the development of guiding value pursuit to the people’s livelihood. Building a happy Xining is a concentrated expression of the party’s governing for the people, is the city’s 2 million 290 thousand people of all ethnic groups eager to look forward to, is to enhance the image of the city, the city needs to shape the brand. Is to carry forward the spirit of a nail, do not get off the ground in my generation after generation, a hammer;

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