DOPA Metro planning speed city deputy center will bring what kind of surprise

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in 2013 the city will deepen to DOPA deputy city center positioning and development planning, and actively promote the construction of Metro – dopa in this NPC session, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that in the government work report. So why do we want to plan the construction of the city? This Xining City Vice center will bring us what kind of surprise?

attend the National People’s Congress of the director of urban and Rural Planning Bureau He Can said that in 2010 the city development ideas for the construction of DOPA metro, launched in 2011, the master plan of Huangzhong city (including County town planning, has now been adopted by DOPA) technical review of the provincial departments, the current location of DOPA sub center of the city planning and development in further research deepening. According to the plan, will undertake the transfer of radiation and DOPA Metro from the main city, and the main city functions to further improve and upgrade, it will form an integrated development and the center of the city, and work together to build the future development pattern of Xining. In the city function, DOPA Metro will become the modern service industry base, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau world-class plateau sports industry service base, Qinghai transportation logistics center, has the characteristics of the plateau ecological community and Huangzhong new administrative center. The city will be along the Huangshui River DOPA town development axis, construction administration, commercial retail, residential and other functions of the administrative center, and Cultural District, plateau area, sports area, residential area, urban agricultural comprehensive service area and logistics area. Planning also highlights the characteristics of the plateau plateau of DOPA City, will be built into the modern plateau of DOPA ecological culture metro.

according to reports, the municipal government planning and construction of Metro DOPA factors, there are many, as the province’s Xining livable city, facing the problem of population aggregation, accelerated development of city space is insufficient, the construction of DOPA metro, is expanding the space of city development and perfect city function layout needs. At the same time, according to the provincial government, and Xining, the service of the province of Xining Province, undertakes the important supply base and material transportation conversion center task, our city will be committed to build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau DOPA metro modern service industry base, Qinghai transportation logistics center, it will provide supplies to Golmud, Haixi etc. and carry out various services. (author: small words)

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