2012 Qinghai, China will be the closing ceremony of the third Masters

"charming flower in June opening, the beautiful girl came to the elder brother side, shy smile like clouds, hand in hand in this enchanting place, flowers flying in the hope of a better, flowers and youth to hometown to sing……" The evening of July 24th, in the beautiful melody description Datong in June six the flowers will be grand song "flowers sing" in 2012 Chinese · Qinghai third classic mountain flowers will be closed in the county cultural square. At the same time, in the ruins of the Ming the Great Wall Park, a bunch of fireworks fireworks passion for the third session of the master hill flowers will be color.

it is understood that this is the embodiment of the flowers will chase county government to implement cultural undertakings to promote the development and prosperity of the spirit of the party’s proposed in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, to further promote the national intangible cultural heritage classic mountain flowers will be the folk arts, showing the magical charm of Chinese xiadou ecological park, promote the Datong cultural tourism integration development.

This year’s

third classic mountain flowers during the period, despite the bad weather, the first to sixth rain every day, but still did not block the Datong’s thick warm, classic mountain flowers will come with its unique charm has attracted from all sides. The opening ceremony of variety shows, ethnic minority areas Chinese modern agriculture and new rural construction of high-level forum, world village into the chase, original flowers will be 12 activities in an orderly manner, to show the history of ancient buildings, Datong humane, ecological scenery, folk customs for tourists, for the local people and tourists to the rich culture "feast". Made a special trip to drive from Datong to Chongqing tourists "flowers" Mr. Yang Lei told reporters that in June six to the "Flower Town" to listen to folk songs, folk goods really worthwhile. At the same time, also saw the Xining summer cool and beautiful Qinghai humanistic spirits. (author: Xiao Liu Daxuan)



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