Boost urban management of the northern city of Xining to establish a fine long-term mechanism

environmental sanitation management space, urban alleyways, villages, bazaars and suburban areas of environmental sanitation cleaning is not timely, zangluancha phenomenon is obvious; the old building of hospital management is not in place, Luandaluanjian, cluttered, occupies the green belt problems common; some engineering construction, road damage the sidewalks and green belt construction, recovery is not timely, quality standards, the influence of traffic; lagging infrastructure, rural river, drains into the garbage dump, the pollution of the environment; and fine, turn style, implement uneven strength……

this is a series of problems in the urban management of Xining. How to solve these problems, Xining City Vice Mayor Seongbuk Zhang Shijun believes that the city management cannot do without fine, fine work is not reflected in the oral and paper, but to put into action, the establishment of long-term mechanism of fine. North District mayor Han Xianghui believes that the fine management should pay attention to the following basic principles: pay attention to the details, from the little things, and make things fine, the details do thoroughly, and perfect the management system, the responsibility is clear and in place.

urban environment: shaping the northern "mountain city" landscape

strictly implement the "in front of three" responsibility system, prone area location and time nodes repeatedly on sanitation work in the city, to achieve all-round, all-weather, seamless cleaning; continue to promote the city green space, theme parks and recreation facilities construction, accelerate the implementation of Chaoyang Bridge small garden construction project, to bridge Street Menyuan, road and other main street landscape reconstruction, building green ecological city landscape; combined with the water into the city "project, do small and Xichuan unitary hill slope before, Beichuan Dongshan, Sea Lake Avenue West Village, garden, landscape and road surrounding barren hills and green construction, solve the current poor River, North of mountain building" landscape. In addition, the unmanned management, community management has practical difficulties and low income residents, the overall hospital building into the pilot area, to explore new mode of property management, to promote the integration of urban and rural sanitation pilot work, ensure the environmental health of the overall change.

municipal facilities to expand urban grid management

the use of modern technology, expanding the city grid management, adhere to both construction and management, strengthen the urban drainage pipe network construction, and gradually improve the bridge street, Ning Road and other key areas of the drainage and sewage pipe network; to explore a new model of digital urban management, urban management in the existing monitoring platform on the basis of expanding and improving the monitoring area and content and strengthen the rapid response capability, installation and operation of GPS positioning system focus on the implementation of environmental sanitation vehicles and law enforcement vehicles; to enhance the "3+2" social service information management mechanism, accelerating the informatization construction, and give full play to the professional team and the duty of security patrol brigade, and gradually form a wide coverage, clear responsibilities, the coordination of public security prevention and control network; solve the market penetration problem by lane, poor sanitation, the farmers market management It should be institutionalized and standardized to promote the scientific, standardized, intelligent and meticulous management of the city.


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