Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference to promote entrepreneurship and employment of

in May 15th, is the twenty-sixth national day, the provincial CPPCC bimonthly consultation forum, around the "to promote the employment of disabled persons well-off entrepreneurship sharing suggestions. Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee presided over the meeting.

vice governor Kuang Chung, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng, the office of the provincial government and provincial government operations for members of the unit in charge of the provincial CPPCC office, and the social and legal committee responsible person, part of the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee, committee, attended the meeting on behalf of disabled people.

forum, Ji Renfeng on the investigation made a briefing. To open the meeting, the provincial CPPCC 3 research group, which lasted more than 1 months, the 8 city of the province with the employment situation investigation, held a forum 24 times, inspected the relevant situation of 23 counties, visited the part of the enterprise employment for the disabled and 16 disabled employment business representative. Special research combing out 5 aspects of the 14 specific issues, to make suggestions for precise preparation.

Zhang Yue, the provincial CPPCC members Zhang Zhouping, Tian Kelei, Wang Jianmin, Tang Xiangjun, Chen Lixin, Wang Zuolong, Yan Zhaolan, Wang Zhongjie, respectively, around the disabled employment and entrepreneurship policy environment, non-governmental organizations play a role, according to the proportion of employment for the disabled, disabled people to improve public service facilities utilization, agricultural and pastoral areas of the disabled employment and entrepreneurship, establishing employment information service platform, entrepreneurship the residual premium collection and use of management and other content made a statement, puts forward some suggestions on the existing problems and difficulties.

Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department, the provincial poverty alleviation Bureau, the provincial CDPF and other departments in charge and members of the exchange and response.

Kuang crowded around our province disabled person employment status, "13th Five-Year" during the ideas and measures of promoting the employment of the disabled entrepreneurs, has made the detailed introduction to the members of the committee. He said that the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship for the disabled is out of poverty, the inevitable requirement of building a well-off society, the provincial CPPCC thematic consultation topics accurate, comprehensive and informative content, the opinions and suggestions of great value. The provincial government will seriously study and fully absorb the results of consultations.

Ren Qing Jia said at the end of the meeting, to promote the employment of disabled persons sharing entrepreneurial well-off, the key lies in strengthening the execution and promote the implementation, to strengthen the rule of law consciousness, political awareness, the overall sense of professionalism. To protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities in accordance with the law, so that the benefits of employment and Entrepreneurship of the disabled to benefit every disabled people. To dare to play, concerted efforts, solid work, and strive to make the disabled people and the people of all ethnic groups together to build a well-off society.


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