The province’s first industrial well-known brands to create demonstration zones through the national

in January 13th, from the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision from the news, from Xining (National) Nanchuan economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park to build "the Plateau Tibetan carpet cashmere textile industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area", after more than two years to create, recently passed the state quality inspection Administration approval.

Since the

Nanchuan Industrial Park since creating work, relying on resources and rich geographical and cultural characteristics, focus on the construction of international carpet textile production base, to create "Chinese Tibetan carpet", bigger and stronger characteristics of textile industry, promote the industry chain, the scale of development, formed a collection of carpet, textile as the leading production characteristics of wool textile industry cluster.

after more than two years to create a work, Tibetan carpet wool textile enterprises grew from the original 3 to the current 21, in 2015 sales revenue of $7 billion 340 million, an increase of more than 7 times. At present, the park has accelerated the adjustment of product structure, independent research and development capabilities, enterprise independent patent products from 34 in 2006, the development of the current 400, an increase of 11 times. The park has grown A Well-Known Trademark in China 8, Chinese brand-name products 1, National Geographic Indication Products 1, 5 brand-name products in Qinghai Province, Qinghai 11 famous trademarks, the initial formation of the "Tibetan carpets are" reasonable multi-level brand construction system. At the same time, the sustainable development and steady growth of the Tibetan carpet and textile industry, so that 83 thousand farmers farming income, more than 2 people in employment, only farmers and herdsmen income of up to 460 million yuan, brand demonstration effect has achieved greater results.


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