West District, Xining City Public Service SMS cited cited national Blitz

from the West District propaganda department, West District civilization office, West District, a city of China Mobile Xining Branch Office jointly held "civilized transmission xiadou" public service messages, MMS solicitation activities, since June 18th officially started, and aroused the concern of society, rapid warming in the country of enthusiastic people Repeng, less than 10 days it has collected all kinds of works of nearly 1000.

create a work carrier for the innovation of mass spiritual civilization, to further mobilize and inspire the cadres and the masses to create a national civilized city, National Sanitary City, re establishment of the national environmental protection model city and national forest city to create work, by the West District Joint China Mobile Xining branch organized the "civilized transmission xiadou" public service messages, MMS Award for since the start, received wide attention from all sectors of society. Among them, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei and other places people sent more than and 200 entries, some members of Chinese Writers Association, Chinese couplet Association specially created to conform to the characteristics of Xining works.

it is understood that the event with the practice of Qinghai province moral norms, do civilized people of Xining "as the main line, with" civilized behavior "as the main content, to enhance the quality of the people, to create a national civilized city construction as the goal, through the organization of cadres and the masses in a message of civilization, both beautiful words and MMS, stimulate public advocate etiquette, honest and trustworthy, civilized travel, environmental protection and other aspects of the enthusiasm, to promote civilized atmosphere, leading civilized fashion. The event at the time in July 21st, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses to participate in the original works, as long as consistent with national laws and regulations, highlight the ideological and moral connotations, positive value, novel, creative and you can get a fine souvenir. Finally, the organizers will be selected by experts and online voting to determine the final award, participants can receive a maximum of 500 yuan reward. The collection of text messages short, lively, lively and vivid language, each text words (including punctuation) no more than 70 characters. Participants can send text messages via mobile phone to 106573110160 or send mail to  

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