Unswervingly practice the new ideas of scientific development


Xining Municipal People’s Government mayor Wang Yubo


Since the party’s eighteen years, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered a series of important speeches on the promotion of scientific development, and put forward a lot of new ideas, new ideas, new ideas and new requirements of the

. These new ideas are rich, deepening and development of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, both in theory and in practice have a clear targeted, guidance and innovation. Conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the new ideas of scientific development, we need to adhere to the principles of economic construction unswervingly to focus their work on accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, adjust and optimize the economic structure, the implementation of innovation strategy, to promote the development of a foothold to improve quality and efficiency, promote the sustained the healthy development of economy and society.


practice new ideas of scientific development must pay more attention to quality, sustainable development. everything, the development of heavy. Development is the key to solve all problems, comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development is the basic requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development. General Secretary Xi pointed out that, in the new starting point, we do not blindly pursue economic growth, but to pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of economic growth". This important thesis points out the direction and focus of China’s economic growth in the future. The just concluded central economic work conference stressed the need to strive to achieve the quality and efficiency of economic development has been improved and will not bring about the rate of sequelae". This requires us to co-ordinate the relationship between speed, quality and efficiency. To maintain a relatively rapid growth rate. General Secretary Xi pointed out that the growth rate is very important, there is no certain speed, it is hard to say that the economic work done well. However, the speed is not as fast as possible, the key lies in the quality and efficiency." There is no certain speed, it is difficult to reflect the quality and efficiency. The growth rate of our city economy in recent years at the forefront in the national capital city of the 26, but our economy is still small, the people’s livelihood level is still low, to achieve synchronization with the national well-off, must be under the premise of ensuring quality and efficiency, continue to maintain a rapid pace of economic growth, narrowing the development gap. Two to pay more attention to the quality". In recent years, Xining contrarian, with speed to grab the opportunity, seize the opportunity, to achieve the rapid development, but in the development process, we also encountered the resources, environment and energy, land and other aspects of the constraint conditions. At this stage, we create new advantages for future development, we must implement the scientific development, promote the transformation and upgrading, to create new advantages for the development of the whole industry, transformation and upgrading, fostering the growth of enterprises, employment stability, the quality of development reflected in the creation of jobs, increase the income of residents, the pursuit of stable growth in quality. Three should pay more attention to "sustainable". Sustainable development is the long-term demand and path of our city development. We want to forge ahead in the creation of recycling economy in the region, not simply the pursuit of GDP growth, and actively promote the "green GDP", the practice of green development, low-carbon development, circulation;

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