The Beichuan River flood of 50 years

recently, comprehensive treatment project in Datong County of Beichuan River, black forest, river channel flood control Qiaoergou three a total investment of one hundred million yuan construction is like a raging fire, after the completion of the project will greatly improve the flood control capacity, improve the ecological environment of three rivers, to better promote the production and living conditions of local people.

Beichuan River turned Boulevard

Beichuan River flood control project is the largest investment in the world bank loan flood control projects, started construction in August 2011, with a total investment of 92 million 310 thousand yuan. Plan management of Beichuan river length of 12.42 km, the construction of flood control embankment length of 20.32 km, protection grade III, according to the flood control standard of 50 years of fortification, levee level level 2, design flood flow of 358 cubic meters / sec, the entire project is divided into 2 construction units, 17 Engineering division, as of now, the unit has been completed project quality assessment 1175, a pass rate of 100%. The implementation of the project will reach the flood control standard from the current less than 10 years increased to 50 years, completely change the status quo of the weakness of the Beichuan River flood control infrastructure, but also can be combined with the Beichuan River "Binhe" project, the implementation of Green River and the river on both sides of road engineering, greatly improve the environment in the Beichuan river basin ecological environment and along the village, to promote the development of the tourism industry, to create a harmonious, ecological and livable "new Datong has a very important significance.

Qiaoergou of soil and water conservation effect

road flood control project in Datong County Qiaoergou ditch is a world bank loan project, a total investment of 676 thousand and 600, started construction in 2010, is located in Liang Jiao Township, an area of 2.21 square kilometers of soil erosion control planning, soil erosion area accounted for 44.7%, a total of 89.5% governance (Accounting for the area of soil and water loss ratio). The newly built 7 check dams; 36.11 hectares of forests for soil and water conservation; silt dam reinforcement project 1, vegetation restoration of 184.9 hectares, the completion of the construction, soil and water conservation effect, the annual storage capacity of 2 thousand and 800 cubic meters. To improve the surface runoff, increased soil moisture, improve the ability of flood control and drought; reduce the flood peak, regulating runoff, storage muddy clear, lower river flood sediment concentration; part of surface runoff into groundwater, increasing channel constant water, conserving water, improve the utilization rate of surface runoff and flood play a regulatory role, has very important significance to improve the living conditions of local people.

black river 14.54 km new embankment

Comprehensive control project of

black forest river flood control a total investment of 17 million 137 thousand and 400 yuan, the project started construction in 2013, Taiwan Village willow village of Chengguan town governance mainly to small industry Xie Gou Xiang River 7.6 km, 14.54 km of new levees, flood control standard is designed according to 20 -30 years of flood, the implementation of the project will greatly to improve the project benefit area of flood control security conditions, improve the ecological environment of the river basin, the better;

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