The first secretary Chen Haolai to seek the views of the province to carry out service activities fo

from August 20th to 23, the National Union party secretary, vice chairman, first secretary Moses Chan for a 6 people, in-depth Qinghai grass-roots trade unions, enterprises in the park for the existing problems in the "four winds" of the organs of the opinions and suggestions, to carry out service activities for employees.

August 20th, working group and Qinghai, city (state), county (District), township (street) trade union cadres to discuss. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao, Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning attended the forum, and in-depth exchange of views with the working group.

Wang Xiao pointed out that, facing the new situation, how to grasp the relationship between trade unions and the good practice of historical mission and the mission of the era of the creation of material wealth and spiritual wealth creation, insisting on Pioneer career and adhere to the mass business relationship, realize the transformation from the activity to the system, is a major issue for the trade union work.

of all Suning for a long time in Qinghai province to give support and help thank, hope all as in the past to increase the Qinghai trade union work support in plateau workers recuperation base, rehabilitation center workers and staff positions in the construction of Tibetan cultural activities on the key support.

Moses Chan said in his speech, in recent years, the Qinghai Federation of trade unions in plateau pioneer workers to create, promote the "two general" and the construction of harmonious labor relations, helping poor workers and other aspects of the creation of the experience, it is worth learning promotion. Hope to work with Qinghai comrades, the general education practice have distinctive, see the effectiveness and achievements.

On the afternoon of 20

, a working group in Xining special steel Refco Group Ltd to carry out visits, and the western mining, aluminum, steel and other 8 enterprises management personnel, cadres, workers and workers union representatives of the talks, a detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises, labor union status and work status, for enterprises to carry out the views of service employees.

in the Qing period, the working group to the enterprise 8· staff, difficulties in Wulan county "; 20" flood victims and families of workers affected workers paid 1 million 800 thousand yuan relief funds. (author: Ye Wenjuan)

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