Qinghai commodity Chengdu Market enterprises to participate in our warehouse

since 2010, organized by the Commerce Department of Qinghai commodity collection activities, this is the first time in Chengdu province enterprises to go to the market, is also the first time in the outdoor exhibition. In order to ensure the safety of nearly a hundred exhibitors of goods, the Provincial Department of Commerce has not only hired a local security company, the Organizing Committee of more than a dozen members also assume the booth and warehouse guards and inspections.

on the evening of October 4th, Chengdu suddenly began to rain. In the rain, the staff of the Provincial Department of Commerce Zhang Fan and colleagues together in the temporary warehouse. Starting from 10 o’clock in the evening, they always stick to the second day morning 10 points, only two other colleagues to shift.

the Organizing Committee of the security team leader Lining told us, for the special circumstances of the event organized in the outdoor, the organizing committee specially deployed personnel set up a security group. However, all staff regardless of the position of high and low, are involved in security work. Yesterday morning at 3, the coordination team leader, is also the director of the Department of market construction of our commerce department Yue Caichun took us to square inspections, found that the problem in a timely manner. Several of the younger workers are busy working day after night, take the initiative to assume security tasks, only three or four hours of sleep per day."

director to do the promotion, the Commissioner of the warehouse, the manager counter…… This is not a strange thing during this event. In order to start on time of the event, in October 1st, the staff to work overtime at 2 o’clock, busy purchase, exhibition. Continuous work for 24 hours, and finally in the morning of October 2nd at the completion of the booth set up and inventory work in 9.

for all the hardship of these days and pay, Lining said, many enterprises of this exhibition are six or seven days of the goods, which are Thangka, Cordyceps and other precious commodities, therefore, the security responsibility is very important. The day to day, exhibitors exhibition has been very hard, we can assume the night and keep the warehouse enterprise exhibition required for refrigerators, television and other equipment of the responsibility, all efforts are for Qinghai enterprises to go farther and better."


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