Public security traffic control department to carry out dangerous chemicals Road transport safety in

Recently, the province at all levels of public security departments to carry out safety inspection of road transport of dangerous chemicals within the province, by strengthening the supervision of the source of hazardous goods transport vehicles and other five key vehicles, strengthen the pavement control of road transportation of hazardous chemicals, transportation of hazardous chemicals to vigorously investigate serious illegal acts, held a number of illegal activities. Goods transport enterprise and its responsible person, to prevent road transportation accidents of dangerous chemicals.

check to the vehicle passenger cars, trucks, dangerous goods transport vehicles, buses and vans rural five key, relying on the highway traffic police station and vehicle inspection control system, thorough investigation of liquid dangerous goods tank fails to install emergency shut-off device, is not permitted to transport vehicles transporting dangerous goods, does not have the qualifications the personnel illegal driving and escort hazardous goods transport vehicles, illegal modification of vehicles disguised hazardous chemicals and hazardous goods transport vehicles speeding, Lane driving, fatigue driving, illegal parking and other illegal activities.

the Provincial Traffic Police Corps special requirements of local public security departments, to further strengthen the supervision of dangerous goods transportation vehicles and other five key source of vehicle. City, state DMV today to focus on five categories of vehicle registration inspection area to carry out a investigation and clean-up, will overdue vehicle inspection information transmitting area of the traffic police brigade, to take coercive measures outage. Hazardous chemicals transportation enterprises, key passenger transport enterprises to carry out a key inspection, the existence of security risks recommended safety supervision, transportation and other departments ordered to suspend business for rectification, and resolutely eliminate the security risks in the bud.  

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