The 179 first geological prospecting fund projects

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of the day before, our province in 2014 the first batch of provincial geological prospecting fund project through the project demonstration and issued. 2014 the first batch of provincial geological exploration fund a total of 179 projects, up to 456 million yuan of exploration funds.

this year, the province’s geological exploration continue to maintain large-scale investment, private operations, to achieve a new breakthrough in geological prospecting. Our province the prospecting targets are: Geological Prospecting investment 3 billion yuan, 1:5 million geological survey coverage rate increased to 30%; the amount of additional resources: Coal 2.5 tons, 0.6 tons of iron ore, copper lead zinc 2 million tons, 60 tons of gold, 0.7 tons of potash; new proven geological reserves of 50 million tons of oil and 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

our province will start the overall planning of mineral resources, optimize the layout of geological prospecting work. In the future, the geological prospecting work will focus on the ecological environment, the understanding and support of the masses, the active cooperation of the local government, the development conditions and the willingness of the social investors. Focus on the area of the whole world, such as the exploration area and the key exploration area in the area of Qi,, East Kunlun and so on, so as to give prominence to the exploration of important minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, iron, potassium salt, coal and so on. For the next few years, our province engaged in geological prospecting team to maintain more than 100, more than 15 thousand people, more than 500 rigs, and strive to complete the "358" geological exploration project objectives.

in 2014 the first batch of Provincial Geological Exploration Fund Project: the basic type of the project 16, funding of $60 million; 151 kinds of mineral projects, funding of $367 million; hydraulic ring and geothermal category 12, funding of $28 million 740 thousand. The timely release of the geological exploration fund project, as early as the beginning of the project unit commitment to the project design, and the location of the project government, land and resources departments to communicate docking, as soon as possible to lay the foundation for the implementation of field production.


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