Report deep reading three big national reform ice breaking forward

Report Abstract: this year, our province will focus on the reform of the economic field to expand the development space. Follow up the implementation of reform measures issued by the central government, continue to focus on ecological, medical and health, judicial three Guozihao reform, further deepen the reform in the economic field, collaboration reform in other areas, and strive to achieve greater success.

noun explanation: our province is the pilot province three Guozihao reform, including the construction of ecological civilization system pilot, judicial system reform, the medical and health system reform pilot. In order to push forward the reform, our province has carried out a series of demonstration, breakthrough, driven effect of the pilot work, some key areas and key aspects of the reform achieved initial results. "The four beams eight columns" system of Ecological Civilization: "four beam" decision, evaluation, assessment and management; "eight column" sound natural resource assets property rights system, the establishment of national spatial development and protection system, the establishment of space planning system, improve the resource management and comprehensive conservation system, perfect compensation for the use of resources and ecological compensation system to establish and improve the environmental management system, environmental management and ecological protection and perfect market system, improve the ecological civilization performance appraisal and evaluation responsibility accountability system.The effectiveness of

"in hospital, to the hospital for a medical insurance card, what need not worry about" and "registration system implementation, as long as the material with the whole, to the court minutes to registration"…… With the deepening of the reform of the three big names, people have tasted the sweetness of many reforms.

"12th Five-Year" period, our province three Guozihao reform to move on the ice. To strengthen the system of ecological civilization reform top-level design, with the features of Qinghai "four beams eight columns" system of ecological civilization and take the lead in establishing. The judicial system reform pilot task has been basically completed, and achieved initial results. Medical and health system reform in the forefront of the city and county public hospital comprehensive reform comprehensively promote, grading clinics, serious illness insurance, after the first hospital settlement services covering the province.Change of

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