The introduction of the city shed to change the monetary resettlement program

to accelerate the pace of transformation of shanty towns in our city, low-income housing and commercial housing through the channel, to maintain stable and healthy development of the market, to meet the diverse needs of shantytowns resettlement, improve public satisfaction, promote the shantytowns project implementation, combined with the actual, recently, I formulated shantytowns monetary resettlement scheme. 2015 -2017 is expected to be implemented in four districts shantytowns resettlement of 10 thousand households.
– buy the stock of housing as housing according to the plan, the city shantytowns monetized resettlement will adhere to the people-oriented, improve the living conditions of the residents of shanty towns, create beautiful and livable environment; resettlement work in government unified leadership, in areas such as policy and funding to give active support; adhere to different monetary settlement, on the premise of full respect for the wishes of the masses, are encouraged to purchase on behalf of the building of the way to buy the stock of housing for resettlement housing listings.
– in the old city area included in the scope of the problems will be placed in the main city of Xining and the quality of housing, housing and infrastructure subject to obsolescence or lack, lack of system maintenance and repair of the building and living areas, including the simple or brick cottage, Tongzilou into the monetized resettlement area.
– to provide housing and resettlement work is to promote the transition and transformation of the shanty town of monetary resettlement, by the government centralized procurement, unified implementation of resettlement, in addition to the purchase of the stock of housing as housing, can also be centralized government investment in the construction of housing for resettlement housing, according to the development of the construction cost, the new commercial housing estate repurchase with the construction of the 10% low-income housing as housing etc.. At the same time will provide transitional housing, promote resettlement work. Involved in the transformation of shanty towns monetization of enterprises and individuals, in accordance with the relevant provisions, enjoy the corresponding tax incentives and administrative fees and other preferential policies.

[link] shantytowns monetary settlement refers to the government to build a platform to raise housing through market development, corporate profits, residents purchase independent or unified purchase by the government. Shed change and the use of the stock of commercial housing combined, not only can speed up the placement speed, but also to digest the stock of housing, accelerate the return of funds in the real estate industry, to revitalize the local economy will play a role.


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