900 teachers listen to Confucius’s education

In August 22nd, CCTV Lecture Room professor Bao Pengshan was invited to the section of East District of more than 900 teachers about the "Confucius education", so the teachers of Confucius’s "individualized" have a more profound and more specific understanding.

after the lecture, many teachers told reporters that she had only stared at the student’s test scores, the truth is a "teacher", a lack of their own education, more a lack of concern and Analysis on the achievements behind every student’s characteristics, can not really understand each student "is a piece of what kind of materials" the concept of individualized education, has not been implemented, listening to lectures, a see light suddenly feeling. Many teachers said that in the future to spend more effort to understand the characteristics of each student, fully encourage and enlarge the flash point per child, for each child to find valuable self-confidence, the first "proud" for themselves, so as to achieve the "interlinked" purpose, so that every child can learn a man, and have personal advantages and strengths, and ultimately lead to the all-round development of children. (by boat)


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