National residential construction system evaluation of advanced Xining City Bureau of parks on the l

January 6th, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the national housing and urban construction system to create a civilized industry demonstration unit, the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks won this award. National housing and urban construction system has 122 units to obtain this honor, at present, the province is only one of the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks.

"national cultural industry demonstration point" is the title of the coordinated development of various undertakings on behalf of the norms of service standards, industry style excellent, the masses are satisfied with the evaluation, widely recognized by the community comprehensive honor. In recent years, Xining City Bureau of parks to serve the city’s economic and social development of responsibility, focus on urban greening construction work center and the creation of the national forest city circle, national model green city overall goal, and strive to improve the overall quality of cadres and workers and industry civilization, pay close attention to the forestry landscape administrative service quality, through the joint efforts of cadres and workers to serve the society the service of the masses, and improve the level of ability, establish a good image of the industry.


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