Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan teachers and students will go to feel the culture

The long national culture, the great beauty of the natural scenery, as well as the simple folk customs, Qinghai rich tourism resources continue to attract the attention of foreign tourists. In order to increase the cooperation and exchanges of Education Culture in Qinghai and Hong Kong and Macao on September 10th, to 15, by the 74 members of the Hong Kong and Macao group of teachers and students will be stationed in Qinghai, a cultural exchange step on the tourism activities.

according to undertake the duty of receiving the world international travel agency, the Qinghai delegation to Hong Kong and Macao tours a line of 74 people, including 38 people in Hongkong, Macao, 23 people, 13 people in Taiwan, travel for 6 days, will visit Kumbum Monastery, the Museum of Tibetan medicine, atomic City, Ledu Liu Wan painted pottery Tu, garden and other attractions, finally also visited Qinghai University, educational exchanges with teachers and students of Qinghai University. The entire itinerary covers around the Qinghai rich historical and cultural resources, in the course of travel, attractions for visitors to Qinghai’s rich and colorful folk customs performances, let them know more about Qinghai, the perception of Qinghai folk culture, for the future of the mutual cooperation in the field of education foundation.It is reported that not long ago,

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