Grinding time coffee can give investors what project support

grinding time coffee, in the rich flavor of the coffee, while allowing you to appreciate the taste of the tongue. Coffee shop to choose the brand to choose grinding time coffee.

grinding time was established in 2008, the beginning of the establishment, the "manual Lahua cafe" professional position, become the first choice of many coffee lovers. At the beginning of its founding, the grinding time has grown into a strong brand in the Chinese market with its strong brand image, strong cultural atmosphere, successful market positioning and unique operation mode.

grinding time join condition

1, love coffee culture, have a strong interest in coffee;

2, with a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and the desire to pursue business success, (a certain coffee shop experience is preferred);

3, the recognition of corporate culture, recognition of brand management concepts and management models, including: brand, brand, logo, management, image, service;

4, to maintain brand reputation, to ensure that the trademark infringement;

5, with legal procedures and appropriate business premises;

6, with the necessary property conditions and financial capacity;

7, with sincere cooperation attitude, to ensure the completion of the business process of the local external relations coordination;

8, be able to strictly in accordance with the agreement to pay the fee and the use of the trademark name;

9, able to accept " grinding time " join the unified management system.

grinding time ten advantages

1. enjoy grinding time trademark, business model, technical secret, goodwill and other rights to use;

2. enjoy the R & D of the characteristics of the product and the right to sell new products;

3. headquarters to assist in the selection of location, market research, business planning;

4. access to the headquarters of the procurement and distribution of professional operations guidance and other support;

5. to accept the training of headquarters system, to have proven successful experience to run their own business;

6. unified decoration model, overall store design, unified image of VI, can make the enterprise to join the quick start;

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