BOLD Knot how about charging treasure knot style

has the characteristics of the project to join, always has the advantage, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the BOLD Knot? Innovative products, the best choice for worry free business. BOLD Knot how? Charging treasure knot style, more peace of mind!

BOLD Knot join make money?

when you first saw this thing, you are hard to look like such a thing pendant is necessarily a mobile power, its name is BOLD Knot is composed of a Estonia team designed, this warm and stylish appearance of the resultant rope charging treasure, can be easily hung on a key a buckle or bag to carry, it is so cute that the capacity will not particularly large, power supply capacity is only 700 koal, but can deal with 3 hours of talk, the Internet, or 2.5 hours or 8 hours of music playback, travel or outdoor emergency use in completely enough.

small mini charging treasure, always very attractive to consumers. Venture to join the choice of BOLD Knot, is the right choice! BOLD Knot how? The best choice for worry free business! So, are you ready?

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