How to resolve customer complaints

there is a very normal thing to complain about, we will continue to complain in our daily life. However, if we are the owner, met the customer complaints, you need to properly handle, so as not to affect the development of the store business. In short, in the daily operation, if the quality of goods or services can not satisfy customers, customers tend to complain to the store operators, vent their dissatisfaction. Operators should be how to resolve customer complaints, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers? I summed up some of the notes, I hope you can be inspired.

identify customer complaints

1. listen carey to what the customer says. When customers complain, the mood is generally more excited, operators should listen carey to customer dissatisfaction, do not make any explanation. To allow customers to completely vent their complaints, and so when they calm down, and then ask some details to determine the problem.

listen to customers, you can use some body language to express their concern and sympathy for the customer. For example, the eyes of the customer, a serious nod, so that customers y aware that you are listening to him. If you do not listen carey to the customer’s speech, you can not determine the crux of the problem.

2. to be clear about what the customer says. For customers to reflect the problem that is not very clear, please ask the customer to further explain. But the wording should be tactful, for example:

"I still don’t quite understand. Could you explain it again?"

"in order to understand your problem, I would like to ask two questions, I do not know whether or not……"

should pay attention to try not to allow customers to produce a feeling of being questioned. Listen carey to the customer and say that they feel the same way, so as to help customers find the crux of the problem.

"but", "please wait a moment," this kind of words to interrupt the other words, try not to use. It may not be possible to leave the impression of "being blamed" or "being looked down upon" to the customer.

3. after listening to customer complaints, to stand in the customer’s position to answer questions. Even if the customer is aware of the importance of the operator, the problem is very important to the store and the store manager will go all out to solve the problem.

to follow the above principles, help to grasp the truth of the situation without causing resentment.

How to seize the customer psychology

resolve customer complaints need to understand the

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