Do business to commodity pricing to the same

although large supermarket prices are not cheap, but also need to wait for the bill, however, there are still a lot of people are willing to go to large supermarkets, in addition to product quality is guaranteed, the price of goods is fixed, not because of different consumers and the price is not the same. This is undoubtedly a lot of shops to mention a wake up, do business to commodity pricing can really be treated equally, and not a customer a price!

time is really fast! The breath of the new year has quietly slipped away, the end of the annual leave, the return of the factory workers are working to go, the business is now a lot of busy deserted.

I was cleaning the store that day. I came in with a customer I looked up and said, yes, a look is my classmate’s mother Liu aunt, I am busy politely said: "drink some water! Aunt Liu you see my new year’s Day is busy, the goods in the shop are piled up in a mess, these days I’m not busy cleaning the goods are cleaned, you look at what to buy?

Aunt Liu said: "my son is going to go to work in Shenzhen to take a few packs of local specialty spicy sugar, girl, how much money a bag! Oh, big bag 7 yuan a pack, packet of $4 a pack, Aunt Liu said, alas! Mention to buy things, but now it is very difficult, the door neighbors are selling things, I said, then why do not you buy the nearest! Brought to the nearest to buy, I was still living in the neighborhood XXX Shop gas, I said, why ah!

Liu aunt said: "Aunt Zhang neighbors in his shop to buy Mengniu milk growth is 45 yuan a box, back to my grandson a bottle, I see my grandson also love to drink this milk, you have to buy a box, to 48 yuan, I would be angry after coming back, why this way, the same is the same thing, why do I go to buy sold more than 3 yuan! From then on, I will not go to his shop to buy things, and then I said to Aunt Liu filled with spiced sugar she paid the account and sent her out of the shop door.

Liu aunt away, I have been thinking about what Liu said, ah! Now even the rural road side are open the door next to the door is the supermarket, supermarket, competition is particularly fierce, we must treat our customers alike, not to buy a piece of the price, Li Silai bought a price, so that customers think you despise him, "kill them, causing psychological disgusted, so you will come to your shop.

shop now there is no way to do a single large, after all, the number of stores has been very large. So, in the current era of fierce competition in a shop, we as a qualified retail households, we must treat customers equally, in order to make their own stores always invincible.

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