How to open stores around the gym location

how to open the gym store location? Gym is now very popular, the market outlook is very prosperous. If you want to choose a good location, have a good start, you need to take on preparatory work. Small finishing some location suggestions, hope that we can help you find a suitable location, hurry to see it.

1, gym franchise surrounding environment:

note: refers to the ability to ease market development; potential is the possibility that the target population into the gym consumption.

2, flow analysis:

is mainly the analysis of traffic flow, the flow of people in the gym and dance room on the facade of the road.

3, traffic conditions:

4, plot prospects

Whether the development value of the land development strategy in the future

through these technical indicators, can do an analysis of the investment value of each block, which is calculated value scores, so you can easily choose the gym stores opened.

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