4000 yuan a year entrepreneurial income of 300 thousand

maybe you very difficult to imagine, thousands of entrepreneurship can also gain amazing wealth. Yes, today, the protagonist of this article, Mr. Wang Wei, is such a thousand yuan entrepreneurial success. Business opportunities in inadvertently appeared.

2010 in the second half of the year, a calligraphy exhibition in the school sponsored, he stumbled, everyone from the University City local shops to buy a pen and paper, one hundred pieces of paper at the price of 500 yuan, and in the vicinity of the auditorium in the District of Yuzhong calligraphy shops, the same paper price is only 200 yuan.

after demand generally feel out of paper in various colleges and universities, Wang Wei decided to 1000 yuan venture — selling calligraphy learning will be used for ink and paper. Venture capital is 4000 yuan from the cost of living.

is really incredible, but Wang Yuan Weiqian really successful entrepreneurship. Talking about the future, he said, I hope to earn enough money in five years, to open a training institution, you can teach calligraphy, that is his favorite thing to do.


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