Entrepreneurship Q & A after 35 years of entrepreneurship and play it

before the hot issue of the "return to 20 years old" moved a lot of people, the issue of discrimination against the elderly once again aroused a heated debate, the entrepreneurial market for age is also a matter of debate, in the end how much entrepreneurship is not too late?

recently heard many people say that Silicon Valley has become one of the most discrimination against older people, this is completely entrepreneurial hot spot in their twenties young people of the world. While this may be true, it does not necessarily apply to other parts of the United states.

According to the


Xiusike said: "in 45 to 55 years old people in this age almost without exception in the workplace midlife crisis. They knew that if they were older, they would become less marketable. So they took action."


the case not only in the field of high technology. For example, Robin Keith? At the age of 40 to create a jeep card car rental company (Zipcar), 63 year old queen Callaway who formed high Erjian?

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